Mama A's 

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Our soap is handcrafted in small batches. You won't find any preservatives, SLS, or dyes in our soaps. We want only the purest for our soaps because we use them on our family and we want you to be confident to use them as well. We have 3 soaps for each month and have seasonal packs as well along with our standard bars. 

Our Standard bars are as follows:

  • Black Chai Tea & Cinnamon
  • Shenandoah Walk
  • Five Alive
  • Stormwatch
  • Acne
  • Patchouli

Winter & Fall
 Spring & Summer
 Floral Collection
Great Outdoors 
 Clay Collection
Apple Cider
 Lavender with flowers
 Blood Orange, White Grapefruit, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Australian Red Reef Clay
Sweet Orange & Clove
Lilac & Lillies
Virginia Cedarwood
17th Century
 Cranberry & Peach Cobbler
Passion Flower
ylang ylang
Morrocan Spice   
  triple mint blend
 All Spice
Mountain Rain 
ylang ylang & cinnamon 
 Sweet Birch & Rosemary
Ginger & Lime 
Bamboo & Teak 
Green Tea & Pear
  Passion Flower
 Scotch Pine
 Ylang Ylang
 December 24th
  Lemongrass Verbenna
Woodland Theme